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            We are a small farm located in Olympia, Washington.  We put praising and Glorifying GOD first and foremost in our lives.  The horses we own and work with are definitely a gift and blessing from HIM.

            We are a husband and wife team with some wonderful sons on board.  Jeff is a third generation horseman and was raised in a Tennessee Walking horse barn training, showing, shoeing, breeding, and everything in between.  A few accomplishments under Jeff's belt are National High Point in trail, reining, and Promotion for the Walking Horse Breed . He also won the Washington State Most Versatile Horse of the Year award. Jeff has worked with horses of all breeds for over 40 years.  I (Jenny) have grown up loving and working with the Arabian breed.  A few of my favorite disciplines are reining, trail coarse, and western pleasure. 

            Jeff and I specialize in producing horses that enjoy being and working with people on a higher level of communication both on the ground and in the saddle through voice commands and bridles riding.  We believe that it is important to spend time trail riding along with time spent in the arena and or show ring to produce a well rounded horse in any discipline you choose.